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DOB: 9/10/70
Birthplace: Harlan, Kentucky. US.
Age: 42
Hair: black-brown, short
Eyes: hazel (green-brown)
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 165
Build: wiry, muscular

Boyd has several tattoos:

The word 'SKIN' written on the knuckles of his right hand and barbed wire on both forearms. Seen here.
'JC' (Jesus Christ) on his chest in the left shoulder area. Seen here.
A large swastika on his left shoulder. Seen here.
Air CAV insignia on his arm. (Book-canon, no pic available.)
A scorpion on his left shoulder blade. Seen here.

He has two notable bullet hole scars: one just off-center on his chest and one on the front of his left shoulder.

Military service: United States Army, 1st Cavalry Division, Air Assault. Rank: Private First Class. (Unit is book-canon, rank is head-canon.)

He speaks with a pronounced Kentucky drawl:

Walton Goggins on Boyd Crowder: Boyd is what I would call a redneck academic. He’s self-taught, and he’s familiar with all the classics of literature, and math. It’s just the way his mind works, and how he chooses to spend his spare time reading. But I really think that, in his way, he’s an artist and a poet. And in some ways, he speaks from a poet’s heart. And speaks in these metaphorical, meta-physical ways, in the way that a poet would see the world. His language is so nuanced, and filled with these different flourishes that are so nice to listen to. But you don’t know what the hell he’s saying sometimes. It takes the audience a minute to catch up sometimes. Hell, it takes a minute for me to catch up when it’s coming out of my mouth, or when I’m first looking at the script. Because, quite often, he takes 40 words to say what he could say in two. But it’s so nice, because of the juxtaposition between this very rough person in this very rough world — and all these beautiful things that come out of his mouth.