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вoyd crowder ([personal profile] demolitions) wrote2014-12-14 02:03 pm
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[The Barge's latest inmate looks fairly calm considering the bizarreness of the situation he's recently found himself in, but if it's rattled him at all, he's either gotten over it somewhat or hides it well. When he speaks, his tone is cynical but still affable, with a notable Kentucky accent.]

This country club's a little bit different from what I'm used to— [country club being a euphemism for prison, but considering some of the Barge's amenities, that description might be pretty apt.]—And I gotta give y'all some credit, that's downright ingenious, exilin' the criminal element to outer space. I'm gonna bet that curtails any jailbreak attempts pretty effectively. It seems to me though, given the probable expense and limited facilities, it's the kinda thing that should be reserved for big-time super-villains and your mass murderers and such. It ain't that I'm not flattered to be included in what I'm sure must be a very august and exclusive assembly, but I'm just a small town drug-runner and racketeer. I don't think the punishment quite fits the crimes, here.

[He's just going to leave out the former Neo-Nazi part, as he's redeemed himself for that already, as far as he's concerned. He hasn't redeemed himself for being a murderer, but he doesn't have any problem leaving that out too, just on the off-chance that his jailers aren't as well-informed as they might be.]

Oh, and another thing— [He angled the communication device to show a pretty tasteless sweater hanging on a hook on the wall.] If this is meant to be a prison uniform, no offense, but I think I'd just as soon go with the orange jumpsuit.

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